Business Intelligence should help analyze the growth 360 View

The need starts from data that has grown with business and we would like see to the 360 view of what we have done, and the usual trigger is need for
“my revenue increase”. The CEO speaks : I have had increase in sales over the year now what’s that i have done has played a role.
The manager speaks : Did my sales performance increase if yes let me see where i have been effective. I would like to dig the detail of what worked well. At the same instance a passing cloud : i need to track down the my sales indicator here on..
Certainly the story is not specific util the data(in form of stats) is put in, compared with the different periods, understand the moods of the change.
The data to study for is big now.
I know some of stratergies worked, i could see the results, now what is the direction it helped to achieve the goal that was set.
Was the revenue because of sales stratergies or
was it my customer service that helped achieve customer retention and made the customer comeback to purchase frequently, and not increasing my customer base rather
increasing the loyality for website. The customers find some one better, i have no replacement by customer base never saw an increase. next is what.
My sales will drop.
This is only one view, CEO Speaks. You want the assessment of same in 360 view. The goal is revenue increase. There are various
business operations, sales stratergies, marketing ideas that are done or planned. Connect all of them and with output as revenue, each one has too many parameters to
contribute to revenue. Using BI just to measure the output of each KPI does not help. The complex part is how all the KPI worked for a goal.  Use BI not just to measure the KPI for your important factors, use it to connect with goal.
Manager wants to connect output of promotions with sales which is connected to revenue increase, revenue again described the margin,
which describe the performance.
Next ask BI to handle this complexity of connecting, describing the performance. Let’s not see all data, it’s too much information.
KPI are meant to indicate the low and high, but on which stages was it low and high is the question that helps me understand what to do next.
CEO wants what are the contributions that have made a USP, it again connects with your revenue, as they are revenue generators.
The goal was to do ten things that are going to get me to next level. i want a monitoring system to help be track how they are performing,
and describe the growth rate using data.
Business Intelligence Platforms should be implemented to solve these problems, of answering real facts.

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