While i was reading through a paper, to understand the application life cycle i have come across how the technology development focus has changed. I see we have been doing the development almost the way the Today’s software are visualized, designed.

Yesterday’s technologies, teams, applications Today’s technologies, teams, applications
Designed to last Designed to change
Tightly coupled Loosely coupled, modular
Integrated silos Compositions (of services, of applications)
Code-oriented Process-oriented
Rigid sequential development Interactive and iterative development
Cost-centered Business-oriented
Homogeneous Heterogeneous

The above tabular representation describes the direction development is moving towards. Features/Dashboards of a website are visualized to be plug-in, that works more by enable/disable methodology.  Layers of a framework are designed to interact collectively or provide a service independently.

ref : http://go.techtarget.com/r/11311925/8333341/3?kasid=1268999265257

Yesterday’s                       Today’s
technologies, teams, applications technologies, teams, applications
Designed to last                  Designed to change
Tightly coupled                   Loosely coupled, modular
Integrated silos                  Compositions (of services, of applications)
Code-oriented                     Process-oriented
Rigid sequential development      Interactive and iterative development
Cost-centered                     Business-oriented
Homogeneous                       Heterogeneous
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  1. Nice post.Technology has changed a lot.You have shared a good information.Many of us know the current terminology but we are not at all informed about those terminologies that were used many years back.

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